Tuesday, June 19, 2007

BBE Interview with Fetish Model Anastasia Pierce

Beautifully Bound Entertainments interview with Ms. Anastasia Pierce

BBE: Ms. Pierce, on behalf of Beautifully Bound Entertainment I would like to
thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us.

BBE: First off, lets go way back. Where were you born?

Ms. Pierce: I was born and raised in the small town of La Chaux-de-Fonds,

BBE: Are you still living in Switzerland?

Ms. Pierce: No, I am currently living in Los Angeles, California.

BBE: California is a beautiful place, and what exactly are you doing there?

Ms. Pierce: I am a full time Fetish/Adult Model.

BBE: A lot of people want to know how many films you have been featured in,
care to tell?

Ms. Pierce: I have been in over 200 films.

BBE: Really, two hundred?

Ms. Pierce: Yes and I have been featured in many magazines the world over.

BBE: I recently read that you were on Couleur 3, what exactly is that?

Ms. Pierce: Couleur 3 is Switzerlands National Radio.

BBE: Really, that must have been big for you.

BBE: Are you on any peticular web sites?

Ms. Pierce: Actually yes, you can see me at my membership website

BBE: A membership site, so that means we have to pay?
BBE: Well I would certainly do so myself, you are beautiful and worth it I am sure.

Ms. Pierce: You can also see me at www.mybondagevideos.com

BBE: Well, I will be sure to check that one out as well.

BBE: I also read that you have created your own production company,
care to tell us a little about that?

Ms. Pierce: Yes, it is called Anastasis Pierce Productions Inc. and I started it with
producing my deepest of desires...lol

Ms. Pierce: Things are going well and I have already made over twenty videos
with my company.

BBE: Well, congradualtions on the work with your company.

BBE: Is there anything else you want to let us in on?

Ms. Pierce: Yes, I will be featured on the cover of Taboo Magazine in July.

BBE: Well I will be sure to pick up that myself......lol.

BBE: Anasatsia, I would like to again thank you for spending the time to give
this interview and we at Beautifully Bound Entertainment wish you the best
in the years to come.

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